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Meanwhile Back in Streetheart (R.I.P. Kenny)
July 21, 2017
Music has always meant a lot to me. As a young boy my grandmother spent a lot of time and energy trying to influence it. I often dreamed of what it would be like to be a rock star but realized early on that the lack of talent and drive would be a huge obstacle I wasn't willing to battle.

So instead of being in front of millions of adoring fans, I found a different road. Or more appropriately, the road found me. It's music sits as my co-pilot on that road.

Losing a prairie icon like Kenny Shields of Streetheart puts the road into perspective. It feels like only a couple of years ago that I heard the opening drum/synthesizer intro to the amazing Hollywood, from the fantastic Under Heaven Over Hell album, the band's second full length release.

As you can see from the Youtube video to the right, 1979 was a different time and for this 12 year old prairie boy, it didn't take very long to search out as much as he could about the band.

I had a recent laugh with my friend Chad when I told him that I was shocked after hearing the Rolling Stones' version of the song Under My Thumb a few years after this album. Streetheart's version was a cover.

As I age and with each passing of an icon from my youth, it is a reminder that life is short and it passes quickly.

Take advantage of your opportunities, make love your goal and keep rocking.

Thanks to D.M. Perich for sharing on Facebook